Thursday, August 27, 2009

Hard and Heavy...and Hot

This heat; I must have brought it with me from halfway around the world. I had a tough time breathing during my workout today, the air was hot and dry and there was no breeze. When I got in my car to leave the thermometer read 101 degrees (in lot right outside the door where we do our sprints). No wonder.

It was pretty quiet at the box today. With the heat, the weekend approaching, and school starting, among other things, it seemed more like a casual Friday than a typical Thursday. The WOD, however, was far from casual.


F. Squat

Me- 185, 185 (x3), 175, 175,175


AMRAP 12 min

3 Jerks (185/130)
6 KB Swings (72/53)
50m Sprint

Me- 10 rounds

Being my 3rd day on for the first time since taking a two week break I felt somewhat fatigued. I couldn't complete 5 reps on my second set of F. Squats and was worried because 175 felt so dam heavy. I was happy, however, when I realized that I had simply done my barbell math wrong. It turned out I had 185 on the bar (which was my previous 3 rep max) and had to drop to 175 which is where I wanted to be at anyway. The AMRAP was tough, but I fared ok I think. I strung all Split jerks together, never dropping the bar. Controlling the bar down on my 3rd rep was always the toughest part.


  1. Joc,
    This was a great WOD. Thanks for your queues about back posture both on the FS and not hyper-extending at the top of the KBS. I really enjoyed your teaching style. Great Class!
    _Eric S.

  2. Thanks Eric! Hope to see you again soon.