Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I'm Home

After spending two weeks in Greece and Italy respectively for a Softball Stint at the European Cup Championships with team Marousi from Greece I'm finaly back home at the box in sunny California and ready to rock and roll. CrossFit is special in that there is no fancy equipment needed (or any for that matter) and you can do it anywhere. However, when CrossFiting around the world in random parks, parking lots, and city streets, one's creativity can certainly become a challenge. And although I was able to program what I felt to be effective "road WODs" I sure did miss the feel of a heavy barbell in my hands and the energy from other serious athletes to feed off of.

Although I prefer to go hard and heavy, after a mix of body weight workouts and running/sprinting WODs for two weeks, I decided to "ease" myself back into things with something a little lighter and longer. And even with a foggy head from jet lag it sure felt good to be back home throwing some weights around.

What can I say? I wish we all could be California girls.


OH Squat


"1/2 Badger"

15 Squat Cleans (120/83)
15 Pull Ups
400m Run

OH Squat
115x3 (failed)
125x 5

After two weeks of no lifting I was a litte wobbly. I started to stabilize after a few sets, hence the increased sets and weight.

1/2 Badger- rx 14:10

I increased the rx weight slightly since I programed it shorter than the original workout. The original WOD is 30 Clean (95/65), 30 Pull Ups, 800m run. I did the real Badger in 31:34 a month ago.

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