Sunday, September 20, 2009

I'm Not Fat I'm Just Big Boned

So tonight when I was having dessert I got to thinking about how damn awesome Coconut is. It's a magical little fruit. Wait, it's a fruit right? Anyway, I discovered it only a few months back at Whole Foods where they sell those little young coconuts with the straws. You stick the straw in and suck out all the water, and then you take the coconut and slam it into the ground, slam ball style, to break it open and scoop out all the fat. Totally paleo and a good serving size of fat.

I thought that was great.

But then, one of my clients told me about this little paleo dessert trick where she cuts up a bunch of strawberries and blueberries and raspberries and pecans and drizzles coconut milk on top. Obviously I couldn't just take her word for it. So tonight I bought a can of coconut milk (who new it wasn't in the fruit juice isle but rather in the asian cooking isle- what, have I been living under a rock?) I cracked open the edge of the can with the can opener and began to pour, expecting it to be like the water from the inside of the young coconuts. But much to my suprise, oh my pleasant suprise, it was not just water but this thick, creamy, coconuty drizzle. It was absolute bliss.

Even now, hours later, I continue to think to myself "why did I not know about this before?"



  1. for a paleo eater, coconut milk = pure bliss.

    Then with all that extra milk in the can, I like a make chicken curry: sauteed leeks, and garlic, chicken pieces, then lots of curry, s&p, coconut milk and then fresh basil. :)

  2. Dam. You are a genius Leah. I'm coming to your house for dinner:)