Saturday, September 26, 2009


Many people are uncomfortable with complete Intensity. Especially when it comes to really pushing beyond their limits. But why? Is it simply the physical discomfort? A lack of confidence? Or perhaps too little preparation? I think it’s more than that. I believe that deep down its fear of failure.

To me bringing the intensity starts with a deep rooted burning desire for something. Forgive my hippie-ness here but it’s living in the moment: “the here, and now.” Wanting something so bad that you push yourself to animalistic extremes, even if just for a moment, sprinting, jumping, kipping, jerking; controlling your mind in an even tempo, cultivating a physical and mental pain and fatigue that burns so deep it makes you feel strangely alive. And only when you put forth 100% of everything you have, in that moment, for something you want so badly and you actually fail does it really hurt.

So, can intensity be learned? Sure to an extent. I think you can at least learn how to get better at bringing it just as you can get better at anything else. But the desire has to come from within. You can’t teach someone how to want something. And you’ve got to be fearless of failure. You’ve got to be willing to put yourself out there; put everything on the line. To bring the intensity you’ve got to truly want to be even better.

Maxed Out

57kg- PR!
(that's 125.4lbs if you speak CrossFit)

Clean and Jerk


  1. Great post Joc! I mainly see intensity in two forms with many crossfit athletes. Many bring the intensity through competition, a desire to win so great, that they will push themselves beyond what they thought to be possible. The other is a "learn by example" type of intensity. Someone will finish their elements class thinking they "get the whole crossfit thing", but they then go to their first class and half the people finish the WOD, flat on their backs, hypoxic and posturing. From then on they push themselves to that point of discomfort.

  2. Agree with Kyle...good post! Some days I got it and some days I don't! I think intensity can be scary for some because it translates into HARD WORK. Every wod takes you on such a mental trip. Alot of first timers don't understand pushing yourself to those extremes...they'll catch on!

  3. you need to go grab the picture off today's wod at and put it up here because it is saweeeeta'.

    See you Saturday! Bring your liftin legs!

  4. Yes! That is a sick photo. Thanks Aimee. I'm dying to know about your weekend. I saw Tamara tore it up. It must be the coaching:)

    Kelly, I love the moment when you see the newbies realize what it means to push the intensity. That's the moment they get hooked on this madness just the same way you did. Thanks for commenting:)