Friday, September 4, 2009

Like a Butterfly

I don't know how it happened, but today I felt good. Really good. It was my 3rd day on, and my shoulders wrecked from HSPU and muscle ups this week. Even though it was an overhead squat day I started out with some Snatch work (since I hopped into Sam's class and that's what was on the menu) and once again things were clicking.

The workout was an AMRAP with C2B pull ups so I decided it would be a good opportunity to work on the butterfly kip. Generally, when I do the butterfly, I lose my rythm after just a few pull ups. I think it's because I'm not balancing the swing of my legs on the kip evenly from front to back. But today, not only did something click for me there, I was going chest to bar on almost every pull up.

Once the WOD was over I decided to get my OH Squats in. Ed came by to say hi and stuck around for a while (Ed is a very knowledgeable trainer who has been connected to CrossFit West for a long time- in fact, he introduced me to CrossFit way back when). It might have been his energy or just me trying to impress him (hey whatever works) but I went 5 lbs heavier on my 5x3 than I ever expected. Body weight to be exact.

It was a good day. Tomorrow, we are off to Catalyst Athletics for some Olifting with Greg and Aimee. Looks like we will find out soon if my Snatch is as good as I think it is:)

Snatch Work
83x 10 reps

AMRAP 15min
200m run
11 KB Swings (44#)
6 C2B Pull Ups

Me: 7 rounds + run

OH Squat

*failed on my very last rep

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  1. Nice babe, you are gonna be seriously dangerous when you get that butterfly down!