Thursday, September 3, 2009

Nothing Like a Good Snatch

After quite a long layoff from Snatching I finally got it going again today. Even though I kept it light, I felt like some things clicked for me, such as pulling the bar back towards me, leaning back slightly on the second pull, and finishing the 3rd pull by turning my wrists out and pushing up/engaging my shoulders. I was pretty stoked. It's like the saying goes: there's nothing quite like a good snatch.

I couldn't wait to do today's workout. It just looked so dam cool. My shoulders/chest were pretty tired from ring dips yesterday but I think the excitement pushed me though. That, and my HSPU Kip. I got that sucker going. Yay for me.


technique w/53


... 10 reps total


AMRAP 3 min

Back Squat 135/95


5 rounds
1 Rope climb

In 3 minutes complete as many reps as possible of back squats. Then immediately precede to 5 rounds of the couplet. There will be a rep score as well as overall time.

Me: Rx'd 55/9:16

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