Sunday, September 13, 2009

Santa Cruz CrossFit Games

Saturday marked the first annual Santa Cruz CrossFit Games. After participating in the Affiliate Team competition at the Games, Annie Sakamoto of CrossFit Santa Cruz Central had so much fun that she decided it would be great to start our own local team challenge right here in Santa Cruz. After all, Santa Cruz is the birth place of CrossFit, and we have 5 fantastic box's right here in the area full of excellent athletes and trainers. So she got all of the owners together and did just that.

Each box put together multiple teams to compete. The different classes were Masters (60+), Intermediate (scaled), and Advanced (Rx'd) teams. It turned out to be a great day full of Sportsmanship, fitness building, PR's, and good people. Here were the workouts:

Workout A:
1000m Run (2men,2women- 2medballs carried; 14/20)
100 Wall Balls (1man and woman at a time)
200 KB Swings (35/53-1man,1woman at a time)
300 Double Unders (1man,1woman at a time)
400m run (2men,2women)

CFWS: 16:17

7th place

Workout B:
5 rounds of 2min on/2min off of:
3 Dead Hanging Pull Ups
6 Push Ups
9 Box Jumps

(1man, 1woman at a time- switch every two minutes for 5 rounds)

Me: 3,2,2,2,3-12 rounds total
CFWS: 54 rounds total

2nd place

Workout C:
Max Clean and Jerk

Me: 183lbs
CFWS: 826lbs total

1st place

Overall, my team placed 2nd. All of our teams kicked butt and demonstrated the epitome of camaraderie and sportsmanship. I am very proud of CrossFit West, our athletes, and our programming. I think it was such a great example of our "Hard and Heavy" philosophy and reinforces our believe that it's good to be strong.

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