Friday, September 18, 2009

Wall Balls Shmall Balls

So, I suppose if I'm going to be a better CrossFitter I've got to attack my weaknesses. Which means I'm going to have to throw in those longer lighter days filled with wall balls and burpees, etc, etc. Boo. I've found a way to trick myself into doing it the way you trick a kid into eating his spinach by mixing it into his burger patties. Sometimes I make it a couplet with a heavy lift like a clean or deadlift. Today, my strength was heavy power cleans so it helped a little. But my workout felt more like an aerobics class; it was not so clever in disguising my nemesis. I figure I need practice doing things I don't like. Hey, it's all fun and games until you get eliminated from the CrossFit Games a day too early.


Power Cleans


30 Wall Balls
100ft OH Barbell Lunge (45)
100ft Burpee Broad Jump
10 Wall Balls

Me: 12:52


  1. Haha! If anyone feels me it's you Aimee. Lifting heavy weights is just so much more fun.

  2. I feel you. I am totally on your team. But remember... I tend to be the black sheep ;)
    But I figure if you're not having fun, why bother? My friend Josh Everett says something to the effect of "I have weaknesses because those things are not fun for me so I don't work on them, I want to do things I like when I train".
    Getting in a heavy snatch feels much more rewarding than 50 wall balls... wouldn't you say so??