Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Scaling your own wod?

Split Jerk

7 OH Squats (83)
1 Muscle Up
30 Double Unders

Me- 8:59

Jerk boxes would be nice. That way I could do sets of 2-3 at a heavy weight without having to drop it and clean it. Once I get above 140 I just don't like to try and lower the weight in a controlled fashion.

About the metcon: I programmed it, and then had to scale it for myself. Stupid right? It should have 2 muscle ups per round but I scaled for two reasons: first, I've been having some shoulder issues in my left shoulder that hurts mostly when I do ring dips; but mostly, I have to take too much time between muscle ups so it lowers my intensity too much in workouts like this. I wanted to fly through it fast.

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