Sunday, October 25, 2009

King of the Hill

Today was our first annual King of the Hill Challenge. CrossFit West Santa Cruz vs. CrossFit Los Gatos. Ton's of people showed up to compete and/or cheer on the teams. My team, CFWSC Team 1 was Golden, Daniel, Vero, and me. We showed up strong and ready to compete. There were 10 teams of four people in all. The WOD's were:

Workout A:

AMRAP 10 Min

"2 min defense"
1 Power Clean
3 Hang Cleans
2 Jerks
30m Sprint

My team- 42 rounds
First Place

Workout B:

Max Deadlift

Me- 313lbs
First Place

Workout C:

Pull Up

My team-7:44
First Place

It's always fun to compete as a team. Something about having teamates relying on you to perform helps takes me to another level. I love that. Great job guys!

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