Thursday, October 22, 2009

On Cleaning and Jerking Cliff's Body Weight



5 Rounds
12 HPC (95)
30 Squats
7 Ring Push Ups

Me- 8:32

Today was fun. I kept the clean a jerk pretty light so I could just practice my technique. Although, I made sure to at least lift more than Cliff's body weight so I could remind him while he was hanging around that I can Clean & Jerk his ass:) I thought I'd be a little faster on the metcon (or rather hoping since Chris Carlson had just done it in 7:30 during my class). I was hoping for sub 8 min but the squats proved to be a little more taxing than I was expecting. The ring dips were easy though. Hey, I was just looking for a little healthy competition and smack talking today.


  1. I bet you could have beat him if you hadn't done Murph on Monday. That shit will stick with you for a couple days...

  2. Kyle, doing Murph and then a wod is what GPP is all about. Duh! Google it and let me know when you take the level 1 cert.

  3. Um, Golden, I actually paid my $1000 to become a "trainer" thank you very much. Let me know when you can keep lumbar extension in the bottom of an air squat and then maybe you can tell me what you think about "fitness"...

  4. I am trying to imagine what it would be like to have Golden as a trainer...hmmm, what would his nickname be?

  5. Leah, that sounds like a really fun game to play. Nicknames for Golden.... hmmmmmm.