Friday, October 9, 2009


After watching my videos from yesterday a bunch I realized that my weakness (in my opinion anyway) is lack of speed (or commitment rather) under the bar. In slow mo, my 1st and second pulls look pretty darn good. Not only did it look mechanically sound, but I pull the bar dam near above my head even at heavy weights. I'm not THAT slow under the bar, but the turn over itself it kind of slow. And I resist gravity on the way down a bit. I think when I can get better at this some pretty large loads await me. So I decided to do more Snatching today followed up with some heavy heaving snatch balances.

Snatch/Heaving Snatch Balance


I don't know how unorthodox this was nor do I care. I just wanted to practice that turn over and speed. And you know what? It felt great.

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  1. Jocelyn,
    What do you think about the ring rows with feet propped up on weights or box as opposed to band pull-ups to help build strength for the kip? We don't have the bands at our garage gym and are saving up for a new bar so I wanted to get your opionon. Totally makes sense to build pull strength and use less legs like on the jmping pull-up.
    Have you tried posting a video on your blog yet?