Thursday, October 29, 2009

Technically I did beat Golden

I was jealous of the CrossFit Football WOD I had my classes do today. So I decided to do it too:)


8 Rounds-XFit Football
100m Sprint
8 KB Swings (53)
5 Pull Ups



1000m Row

Oh ya, and even though Golden and I got the same time on this WOD, technically I gave him an extra second because, although the timer was at 8:51, when I heard him yell time (he was in my class right before hand) I took a second off for what was questionably a second for it to compute in my brain:)


  1. hmmm, well technically we will never know how long it took you to compute, coulda been 2 or 3 seconds... so...

  2. Hey Jocelyn,

    Love the Blog. Gotta a quick question for you if you have time.

    What do you think about Crossfit Football WODs for softball training? If you could go back to your college softball days (being the national champ that you are:) how would you train?

    I appreciate any advice you can throw my way(except your change up)


    Sheena Lawrick

  3. Thanks Sheena! I think CrossFit Football is completely appropriate for softball players. Especially those who want to be super strong, fast, and agile. When you think about it, we need to have the same athletic, skills- sprinting, hitting, changing directions, exploding. If you check my blog entries then you've probably already noticed that I'm a huge Catalyst Athletics fan. The stuff they program would be great too. I am SOOO over the old school softball coaches who think their players, particularly pitchers, need endurance training and thus have them out there running 3+ miles 2-3 times per week. Trying to convince them that anerobic/ strength/high intensity training is the way is like pulling teeth. I can't wait for the next big wig coach at a big school to figure it out, build a power house using this type of training(softball is so watered down now), and anialate everyone.

    Whew. That was a mouth full:) I can get on a roll talking about this stuff! I just love it. Anyway, hope that's not too righteous and helps a little!

  4. Golden, I do have to say that I give you credit for doing ALL 8 ROUNDS:)

  5. Sweet! Thanks for the advice...I'm helping out Nebraska for the next couple of years and trying to wiggle crossfit into the mix. Luckily, we have an amazing staff (softball and strength) who are pretty open minded. I'll keep you posted! Thanks again.