Friday, November 13, 2009

Me and Daniel and a date with Nate.

Hey that rhymes.

Split Jerk

AMRAP 20 min
2 Muscle ups
8 KB Swings (53)

Me-11 Rounds + 1 Musle Up (with 30 seconds to go:)
Daniel 11 Rounds- just in time

Sooo, I had my classes do Nate today and we ran out of Rx'd Kettle Bells so I offered to stay after and do Nate with Daniel. Let's just say he's my current nemesis. Cliff is hurt, and Golden... well, there's just no competition there anymore :) Yesterday, Daniel out Snatched me (er Cuban Pressed) by 2 pounds. So, in the CrossFit world where we are allowed to bounce snatches off our heads I suppose he beat me.

Today was a different day. I PR'd on Nate by 4 rounds. I need to learn to manage my last round a little better because I could have had 12 rounds. I panicked a little as we were running out of time and tried to rush my last muscle up which resulted in a waisted rep. By then, I would have needed to rest too long to get that last mu and then finish the remaining HSPU and KB Swings. I'm confident, however, that there is 12-13 rounds of Nate in my near future.

Nice job Daniel:) Golden, you better hurry up. You've got Murph AND Nate on your plate now buddy!

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