Thursday, November 19, 2009

WEDNESDAY @ Catalyst




OH Squat



10 Rope Pull Ups
10 P. Cleans (115)
10 Half Moons w/sand bag (25)


I flaming heart going to Catalyst. I had Aimee put me through a metcon today and it hurt! My lungs burned they way they do when you first start doing CrossFit. Plus, it was full of movements that were unfamiliar to me which made it tough but exciting. I realized that even in CrossFit where you are constantly varying your movements and time domains, you still find yourself very comfortable with everything. It was so great to have a coach there pushing me through it, making me do something outside my comfort zone.

I've been getting so much stronger and better since going to Catalyst. I started doing the math and realized that the qualifiers are a little over 5 months away and it's time to get even more calculated about my training. After talking to Aimee and working out it was quite obvious that even though I've been very regimined about rotating through strength movements, periodizing to some degree, shuffling time domains and movements in my metcons, that I was still "coddling" myself as Aimee put it, without even meaning too.

So today I asked Aimee if she would do my programming for me and she agreed. I'm super excited about this. I think Aimee is a talented athlete and coach and I trust her very much. It is quite apparant that she knows what she is doing- Jolie has been under her since before the games, had an amazing performance, and coninues to get strong as shit. The whole atmosphere is full of serious athletes- Tamara, Jolie, me, just to name a few. It's nice to be around.

So, 5 months out. Time to crack down. It's NorCal No.1 or bust baby!

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