Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I get why Golden doesn't come workout anymore

He is sick of constantly getting the beat down from a girl. Little did he know I was going to be in Kyle's class tonight. And guess what happend?

Joc-4:04 (scaled up)
Golden-4:06 (regular rx)

As Daniel would say, booooyaaaaa!


  1. I think joc had the wood dowel. A big improvement for her.

  2. Yeah, but if the wood dowel is scaled up, what did you have? Air OHS?

  3. What was the workout we are supposed to be impressed with?


  4. Well, it was only 3lbs. I had the women's bar so it was either 63lbs (scaled down slightly) or 68lbs (scaled up slightly). But I think we should focus on what's really important here and that's that I beat Golden yet again. Kyle was nice enough to have his class do my workout so I could have some "competition." Usually if I scale up a bit and go against Golden we can re-create that feel to an extent. The problem is that I only push myself hard enough to beat him by a couple of seconds since, hey, a W is a W.

    Tamara, if you would show up sometime to our weekend workouts at Catalyst you might have the honor of getting beat by me too. Instead, it seems you are busy practicing your photoshop skills. Guess I'll just have to wait till the games for some real comp.