Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Well, only in my blog duties. Slacking in my training and daily activities- I have not. In fact lots and lots has been going on hence my lack of posting. Jeese, where to start? Well, let's start with the CrossFit Football Cert this weekend.

First, Go Bears! The CF Football Cert, run by Cal Bear Alum John Wellbourn, was a blast. It far exceeded my expectations. John, Raphael Ruiz, and Max Mormont really know their stuff and without a doubt everyone got their moneys worth. My favorite was the agility and change of direction drills as well as the many different dynamic warm ups that Raphael put us through. These are things that are incredibly important in any functional or athletic training and yet get neglected all too often in CrossFit. Not to metion, when you get a chance to compete head to head with people it's like being a kid again. You get that healthy dose of competition while pushing yourself to dig out the super athlete in you. I love it. My hat's off the the CF Football Crew.

Today Catalyst Day!

Back Squat
71% 10x3
77.5 x10x3


5 Rounds
5 Double Unders

Me- 1:57

Sunday-CF Football Day 2
3 cone short shuttles
L Drills
Long Shuttles
- lots of them!

2 Rounds-2 min each station

Manual hip resistance (30 sec ea side)
Short shuttle sprint races
P. Clean and Jerk (95)

Saturday-CF Football Day 1
3-6-9 Deadlift/Pull Up
1-2-3 Resisted Sprint
(the sprints are performed between Deadlift and Pull Ups each round)



to 60Kg

Sorry to report Leah, I did not make the 69kg lift. But I will before the month and year is over!

P. Jerk
(reminder: all strength is in kilos)
50m Broad Jump

Me: 24 jumps

Then take that number and do the the following for time:

24 Push Ups
24 Thrusters (95)
24 Wall Balls (14)


That was hard after everything else. I could barely string 3 thrusters together at a time. Ouch. Good stuff though.

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  1. No need to be sorry! I look forward to the day (before the end of the year, just like my OHS and DL) that we both make the lift. :)