Sunday, January 17, 2010

Dearest Golden

With a little nudge from our fellow blogger, CrossFitter, and friend I have decided to post my response to your rant here:) SEE GOLDEN'S RANT by clicking Bizzlefit on the right.

Jeez, it took me a couple of days to wrap my head around this to even respond. If you’re actually ready to listen to a coach, here is my prescription. But really, what do I know?

1.Come early to every workout or class. Properly warm up.
2.Start with rowing, shuffling, light jogging.
3.Move to high knees, butt kicks, double unders, high skips, frankensteins- wake up your nervous system.
4.Once you begin to warm up (this means you are sweating and breathing hard and feel like you need to take off your sweats and sweatshirt) begin to stretch dynamically. Don’t take off your sweats or sweatshirt.
5.Start with bigger muscles- do lunges, lateral lunges, squats, quad/ham single leg rdls. Static stretch hip flexors only with a Samson stretch or the like.
6.Warm up shoulders with arm circles, bear hugs, scapular push ups, dislocates, supinated kipping pull up hangs with a sway, etc. Gentle and easy, do “skin the cats” type stretches on the rings, further mobilizing your shoulder joints.
7.Begin to do slightly more explosive dynamic stretching moving your entire body through larger ranges of motion like ninja get ups, light Burpees, high jump knee tucks.
8.Do wrist circles and wrist stretches.
9.Stretch your calves against the wall. Do this with a straight knee as well as a bent knee.
10.Foam roll your quads, hamstrings, IT band. In a supine position, foam roll your upper thoracic region to prepare for over head positioning since you’ve got incredible tight shoulders. Foam roll or use a lacrosse ball to perform any self-myo-fascial release needed on “hot spots.”
11.Once you are breathing hard and sweating, take off your sweats.

This is the first 20 minutes. This should properly prepare you for just about anything that will come up in class or any workout for that matter. This will protect you from getting injured.

Avoiding injury- planning:

1.Have a plan. Don’t do random strength training. It doesn’t work.
2.If you randomly do heavy back squats “just because” you set yourself up for over training injuries, for example, if the next day hold heavy front squats and you just lifted heavy back squats the day before, you aren’t properly warmed up, and aren’t properly prepared, you could get injured.
3.Ask to see the strength training regimen for the month. After all, you have a key. Don’t you think we’d be so nice as to let you know what lifts are coming up? This way, if you are forced to work out on your own since your schedule, I presume, won’t allow you to come to class you can shape your workout accordingly. Better yet, have a trainer program those workouts for you. Even better yet, come to class. We’ve got that stuff all mapped out.

Avoiding injury-Post workout:

1.Static or PNF Stretch hamstrings, quads, hip flexors, calves, with a partner or a strap. This will help increase your flexibility- the thing that it inhibiting you from getting into proper positions and increasing your chance for injury.
2.Static stretch shoulders and lats and triceps with a dowel. Do this from as many different angles as your imagination allows. This will help increase shoulder flexibility, the thing that is inhibiting you to get in proper overhead, front squat, etc., positions thus increasing your change for injury.
3.Foam roll.
4.Ice your wrist- it’s been hurt forever. Be proactive. Ice any other “hot spots” you feel after your workout. We have ice cups right there in the freezer.

Avoiding injury- What to avoid:

1.Showing up without knowing what you “feel like doing.” Stand around, asking for suggestions, cherry picking the things you’d be willing to do, and then diving into it without proper warm up.
2.Not having clear, concrete goals. Are you trying to get stronger? Bigger? Better at metcon? Are you trying to get lean? Are you trying to qualify for regionals? Be clear about these goals. Have a trainer help create a strategy to get there.
3.Not having a coach. You can’t get very far without a coach. No matter how much you try to vary your metcon training, keep tabs on your strength training, you will ALWAYS subconsciously (or even consciously) coddle yourself.

I realize these details are less exciting, and lets face it, a pain in the ass but if you want your body to hold up and if it's any interest to you to stop wasting energy on rants and instead expend it trying to keep your squat from being beat by Kyle then it's probably a good idea to get serious about it.

Again, that's just me.


  1. i agree. that golden guy needs his diaper changed.

  2. Proof in black and white that Joc is a great coach.

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