Sunday, January 24, 2010

Leah Joins The "Talk Smack to Jocelyn" Club

Not without good reason, however. Her confidence is growing rapidly. Afterall, with less than a year of weightlifting under her belt she just Back Squated 218lbs. Not bad... for an amateur:)

Now it seems Cliff's smack talking shenanagins has rubbed off on her. Today Leah mouths off to me that we need to have "one last hoo-rah" before she squashes my back squat record. The worst part? I was speechless. If anyone could do it, it would actually be her. Of course, by the time she gets there (264lbs) my Back Squat will be 300lbs so it doesn't really matter all that much.

Leah, darling, I don't mind being your rabbit. You just made Back Squating a whole lot more fun;)

300, here I come.

*Note: I actually have complete confidence that Leah will add 50lbs to her back squat in 4 months. Get it girl!


  1. Ha! I agree that the competition makes it much more fun! You do have to know that it MADE MY DAY to take the number 2 spot on a lift. :)

    I may have to see about setting up some secret Back Squat plan...

  2. Ya you should have kept it a secret and then went in for the kill while we were all being content and lazy. Now that we all know you are going to add 50 we all have to giddy up too.

  3. Now I realize that!!! You do realize who it was who first planted the idea that I add 50 pounds don't you? You should probably know the truth before you tie the knot. :)