Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Widdling Down the Goats


Here's some fun new numbers that have grown significantly already since the new year.

Back Squat 268lbs
Front Squat 243lbs
SNPP+OH Squat 193lbs
Split Jerk (from the rack) 228lbs
Snatch 163lbs
C&J 191lbs

Plus I've widdled down my goat list to just about zero. Here's what used to be on that list:

Wall Balls
Ring Dips
Box Jumps
Long runs
Long rows
Double Unders

Aimee has had me attacking all of that for the past 20 weeks and I can confidently say that each has been checked off. I might still have a bad attitude about the wall balls if they came up because, well, I think they're stupid. But I can nail them. As for ring dips- I can now easily do multiple sets of 10 unbroken even when it's in a metcon. I've completed the double under flight simulator multiple times with no missed reps - using it as a warm up for my workouts. I can do 40 burpees in 1:45. I like when there's a long run or row these days because it feels like I'm taking a break for some aerobics (ok that might be a little bit of a stretch- but I really don't mind them and am in fact getting pretty good at them). And I've taken to warming up AND down with box jumps regularly.

It feels good to be in a place where I don't have to worry about what might come out of the hopper.


  1. Great work Joc. It is always so fun to watch you lift. However I have to remark on the "widdling". If you had gone to Stanford instead of Cal you would know that it is actually "whittling", and that "widdling" means to pee, as in "Max widdled on the mats at the box again."

  2. Dammit! Everyone said that with a Cal degree I'd be set for life and now look at me. I'm a moderately (at best) successful business woman who can't spell, my dog pisses everywhere, my car is unregistered, and I'm already starting to lose my mind. Well at least I'm pretty, I'm marrying young, my dog is cute, and I can lift heavy weights. These are the things that really matter.
    Oh, by the way, F*@ck Stanfurd!

  3. At least you are marrying someone who is young. I hate to break it to you partner, but you aren't young anymore. But, you can lift heavy weights and your dog is cute--waddle waddle, widdle widdle.

  4. I love ya, girl, but you have to update this blog.