Sunday, March 21, 2010

Ya baby!

Saturday was packed full of exciting stuff. It was the last day of our Firebreather series before the Nor Cal Sectionals. One that I was originally planning on missing since it was my day to max out on Snatch and C&J. However, I decided to join in the fun so Aimee said I could max out on Snatch in the morning, do the sectionals wods during the day, and save C&J for later this week.

First up- 74kg snatch! Thats 163 lbs- 20 lbs over my body weight.

After I snatched it was time to hit the wods. I did WOD B first with the girls.

AMRAP 10 min
7 Thrusters (75)
12 KB Swings (35-I had to go heavy at 45 because we ran out of bells)
7 Pull Ups

This workout was surprisingly cardiovascularly taxing. Since it was such light weight there was no excuse to ever slow down which made my lungs BURN! The bell slowed me down just a hair- I think I could have gotten another round with a 35 but let's just say I was very happy with my score.

WOD A: 6 min to complete: 800m Run/OH Squat (75) reps in the remaining time wod

This workout was not at all taxing on my lungs- the opposite of what I expected. I took my time on the run which I would do it about the same if I had to do it again. The only thing taxing about this workout was that my shoulders started to burn a little. I never dropped the bar which was good- it means I'm strong overhead which we've been working a lot. But since leg fatigue or cardio was never an issue I would have gone faster on the squats earlier rather than trying to pace. Still, I'm very happy with my score.

If course, it's time to be somewhat secretive about my performance now. At the good advice of my coach, I wouldn't want to go motivating anyone else to work really hard all of the sudden:)

Good luck everyone!


  1. So you know that if you are going to be secretive now, you'll just have to come up with other things to post...

    And, awesome work!

  2. 74 Jesus! How's the pooch? What's his name?

  3. He's so great! His name is Max. We are absolutely in love with him.
    I've got some things up my sleeve Leah:)