Wednesday, May 5, 2010

2010 South West Regionals

The South West Regional qualifier Saturday WOD's were announced unexpectedly yesterday (I was expecting them today). The workouts look like they are going to be so much fun. They are:


75m tire flip
75 m run (return to starting line)
75m log carry (on shoulder)
75m tire flip (back to starting line)
75m run (back to log)
75m log carry (back to starting/finish line)

5 Rounds
2 Muscle Ups
10 P. Cleans
200m Run

Then there's another "floater wod" on Saturday with 2 movements to be announced.

I'm extremely stoked on the workouts. I feel like I'm VERY prepared. For the last 7 months in my training, no stone has been left unturned. My coach, Aimee, has had me do everything from heavy Sandbag runs and half-moons to Tire Flips to rope pullups, to these wierd rope swing thingys, to DB C&J and other DB variations on movements, to sledge hammer swings, to carrying bars over my head 100 meters, t0 lunges, to, well you get the picture. Not to mention I feel like I've done this exact WOD B about 1000 times this year (not really, but pretty much a million variations of it). I've also fine tuned my olympic lifting- I often even refer to myself as an olympic lifter. I can Snatch 22lbs over my body weight, Clean 50lbs more than my body weight, and Jerk 85lbs over my body weight. Not bad for a CrossFitter. I have more stamina than I've ever had, I'm stronger than I've ever been, all while leaning out by about 10lbs since last year. I can run, I can jump, I can lift heavy weight, and I'm ready for anything.

Now, I know Tamara thinks that I should be thanking her for "opting out of the individual competition to do the team thing" (that's what the scaredy cats are calling it), but, really, I'm pretty bummed. I hate to admit it but she's actually a really great athlete (contrary to popular belief) and great athletes make me work that much harder. Plus, it would have been fun being almost as tall as her with her standing on the slightly shorter 2nd place podium.

All joking aside, this is going to be a tough region and I respect all of the athletes participating very much. Just like last year, this region is loaded with top athletes from all of CA, AZ, and HI and they are only taking 4 men and 4 women. I was looking at the pre-qualified men this morning online (they did not mention any women hence my use of male examples) and there are FIVE of them listed. Not to mention there's about 5 others that I can think of that weren't mentioned there like last years Nor Cal winner Jeff Leonard. Now you throw in all of the other amazing unknown athletes that have since started CrossFitting in the past year and you've got yourself one dirty, nasty battle. Even as an athlete in peek condition it will be tough. But this year it will not be left to the luck of the hopper- I am ready for anything. I will be my best; physically conditioned, mentally prepared, solid as a rock. And if I get beat, I will tip my hat with respect to that athlete because they would be one hell of one.


  1. When do the heats come out?

  2. We're rootin for ya all the way from Pretoria, South Africa!

  3. Heats just came out late last night. I go at 8AM and 1:30 I think. The floater wod depends on when you get over there to check in today. Thanks girls!