Monday, May 24, 2010

Bad Girl Open

71kg Snatch

76kg Snatch- miss

90kg C&J

Yesterday I competed in the Bad Girl Open Olympic Lifting meet at the FIT Barbell Club in Los Altos. I Snatched 71kg (with a close miss at 76kg) and finally C&J'd 90kg (it's about freaking time) and totaled 161kg taking home 1st place. Not too shabby.

The thing that's so very different for me in Olympic lifting competition is figuring out where to put your adrenalin and excitement. In every sport I've played, adrenalin has been the key to turning on that sort of gnarly grittiness- that dirty nastiness- that mean-ness. There's been people yelling and screaming either for your or against you and the loss of control (in a sense) or allowance of letting everything go both physically and mentally was the key to success. In Olympic lifting it's way different. You need all of the same stuff, but you've got to find a different place for it. There's no yelling or screaming during your lift- just quiet and eyes on you. You've got to take all that adrenalin and to compress it down into your core until you're composed enough to let it all out in one explosive, powerful movement, yet with careful precision. And unlike in CrossFit where a max olifting competition usually consists of a certain amount of time to find a max effort (often sloppy, as press outs and such are allowed) you only get three shots to make each lift, so you had better plan carefully.

It's quite a different challenge, and one that I plan on mastering.


  1. Congratulations!
    Great improvement from last year.

  2. Great job, nice numbers.... That looked too easy! I know what you mean about energy and adrenaline, I thought I was going to faint at my first Oly lifting comp.. My next one is the weekend before the games hopefully I will channel my energy better!

    Confirmed the date for the thing in Colorado.. its 10/1 - 10/3

    no sexy singlet...? :P I dread having to wear one of those things...