Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Hay-Fo's

A big thank you to Golden for making this awesome video.


  1. Great stuff, your form is so clean and explosive...I am envious...not sure I liked the music, I am currently on AC/DC theme for my videos, must be cause they come at the top of the alphabet in itunes.. lol Good luck at Bad girl, did you get my message on FB about the Colorado competition?

  2. Golden had put the dopest music on there but You Tube kept regulating and deleting it or something. It was so funny because it was all swanky and you could here me going, "ya baby" from behind the camera. Haha. I did get the message and that's exciting! I hope it's true. Will you go out there if it happens?

  3. abso-fricken-lutly! I'll be at the games as well, my training partner qualified 4th at regional, you going to watch the games?

  4. Jocelyn,

    good luck at the competition tommorrow.
    It looks like you're going to kick some @ss!