Thursday, May 13, 2010

Post Regionals

Regionals are over. I placed 9th among a large group of phenomenal athletes. It's tough decide if I'm happy or upset. On one hand, I'm 10x the athlete I was last year when I WON the region. I did great in some very metabolic, light weight/high rep workouts that I would have bombed on a year ago. And that's something to feel good about. But the competitor in me is upset that I couldn't take it up just and extra notch or two. Why didn't I game the tire flip wod better? How did I not win the Jerk/burpee workout? Why couldn't there have been a max lift or heavy workout? But that's the sport. It can be anyone's day any weekend. One thing is for sure, this region is loaded with killer athletes and I know they will tear it up at the games.

It's calm around here now and it's a strange feeling to figure out what will come next. For now, it will be olympic lifting. The Bad Girl Open is coming up in a couple of weeks and if I can get in I'll most likely do that. Kyle and I are getting married in 3 weeks so there's a degree of relief that I can focus solely on that now. In the mean time, it's going to be physical and mental recovery for me while I drum up the next chapter.

Congrats to the top 4 men and top 4 women! Chyna, I'm rooting for you girl! Represent!


  1. I think you did great!! Next time no one is going to be able to stop you.

  2. Joc, I love these pictures and when you accelerated at your 30th burpee. You made CFWSC very proud in the qualifier. Top 10 with these wods: it shows that you're a very well rounded athlete : You didn't give up and you gave it all. Also if any of the wod had a snatch or a max lift in it you would have done much better.
    Cheers from Vero