Sunday, May 16, 2010

Qualifier WODs

After snatching and OH Squatting today I decided on a whim to do some workouts from the regional qualifiers around the country. I started with the North West qualifier wod A today.


OH Squat (BW-143)

-I was really hoping for 15 but my shoulders were too fatigued. Next time.

North West Regional Day 1 Workout A
3 rounds
10 OH Squats (95)
50 Double Unders

4:56 tie for 2nd place

I was going to do the Deadlift (max in 90 seconds- score is total number of lbs combined) but then I realized that it was an axle Deadlift so it would have been too hard to compare. Sam is going to bring our axle bar tomorrow so I'll most likely do it then. Of course, it will still be tough to compare with a day off. Oh well. It's just for fun anyway.

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