Friday, May 7, 2010

Travel Day

And what a day it was.

It's travel day for the South West Regional and we've got lot's to do. It's a competitive region and all of the physical and mental preparation is there. Now it's time to rock and roll. But before we head out I've got to teach class in the morning:

Kyle and I were driving to work in the morning on busy Ocean street when the car in front of us suddenly braked and swerved, then kept going. Right in front of us in the middle of the street was an entire family of baby ducklings trying to follow their mother to the other side.

"Should I pull over?" Kyle asked

"Yes pull over!"

The two of us jumped out of the car and held up out hands to stop traffic. We started first by trying to shew them across the street. The problem was all but two ducklings were too small to get over the center divider in the road. So we began to round them up. They chirped and scattered as we ran in circles trying to catch them, periodically having to stop cars from whizzing by. As we gathered two and three at a time we ran to the other side of the road to drop them off with their mother then returned to the street to get another batch.

As we gathered the last batch to take to the other side of the road the mother proceed to jump a 40ft bridge down into the river in which they were originally trying to get to. The two strong ducklings, just as before, followed. The remaining 8 were stuck, yet again, on the side of the road. Again, we began chasing the ducklings.

By this time one woman had pulled over to help as well as Steve from our gym who stopped when he saw us running in circles in the middle of Ocean Street wondering what in the heck was going on.

As cars zoomed by we strategized with one another to find ways to get the ducklings out from under the parked cars without chasing them back into the street. Finally, one would come darting out to which we would swoop it up in our hand like fielding a ground ball. As we gathered a couple at a time we approached the edge of the bride and looked down.

"Should I?" Kyle asked, wondering if he should actually just drop the duckling that far.

"I don't know. There's no way else down there but that water is so shallow." I worried.

"The others did on their own," he replied.

"Ok, try it I guess."

Kyle released the duckling. As as it fell it put it's tiny little wings out and just floated until it hit the water. There was a tiny splash and the duckling shook it's little feathers and swam right up to join his clan.

"Yay!" We both cheered.

We quickly scurried to round up the rest of the duckings 1 and 2 at a time to drop them over the bridge to join their mother until all 10 babies were saved.


The whole rest of the day I couldn't help but think about those baby ducklings. I was so teary eyed, yet happy- I kept thinking about how strange the universe and how it sometimes gives you back little gifts. Here's why. True Story:

In 2002 I was was about to play for a National Championship at the Women's College World Series. I was in the bull pin warming up which was located out beyond the outfield fence. My adrenalin was through the roof, heart pumping heart. There was a lot of emotion before this game, - I had just tragically lost my sister and was back so soon to help support my team. About midway through my warm up I wound up to release a fast ball and as it traveled toward the catchers glove, out of no where a little bird came swooping down and collided with the ball in mid air.

"Poof!" - a tuft of feathers burst in the air the the little bird fell to the ground, shaking as it died there.

I ran to it, distraught. Tears filled my eyes. I apologized to the bird as it shook it's last shake. Then I picked it up and took to the hill side that had flowers arranged in a WCWS logo. I buried it there under the flowers. I was shaken up. But I finished my warm up and went on to win a national championship.

So, call me a hippy but I was so happy when today, as I prepared once again for competition, the universe handed me this opportunity to save 10 little baby birds. And that makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.


  1. Your last 2 posts are the best because together they show so much of who you are and what a great person and athlete you are.

    I'll be tuning it at 8am to see the first WOD!!!

  2. It is not possible to adore and admire you anymore! Thank you for saving those little duckies. I will be tuned in at 8am cheering you on! I think many of us at CFWSC believe the universe handed us you to make ourselves better. Kick some ass!

  3. Best of luck this weekend Jocelyn! Tear it up...

  4. Great story, I have learned a lot in my short 31 years on this world, and the underlying factor is that EVERYTHING happens for a reason, those lucky birds were saved by you for a reason, it was symbolic of something, maybe a fork in the road in your life...You may reflect on that moment time and time again and say, wow that was a significant point in my life.

    Here's another weird link, one of my good friends is an ex Cal Berkeley pitcher from the late 80's early 90's, I remember watching the World Series game that you won at her house, and when I saw your name/picture come up in the games last year I was like, I know this girl form somewhere...ok enough about 6 degrees of separation, get out there and kick some rear ends today!

  5. It was great watching you do the Floater WOD over the weekend. I mentioned you and your blog on our website on Monday ( It is so cool to have really strong women to show to my clients!!

  6. Thanks Jennifer! Great site. I'm adding it to my favorites now. Thanks for the props. It's time to cheer on those from our sectional now. Let's hope they kick some major butt.