Sunday, July 25, 2010

Amundson Goal Setting

On Friday night we had something special go down at our gym. It was the first ever Greg Amundson goal setting seminar. Greg, one of the original CrossFit bad-asses, has been around since CrossFit was first developed here in Santa Cruz. He had lot's of great stories about the old days and team 6AM, a group of athletes that Glassman used to test the limits of human performance. They were stories of inspiration and motivation and ones that I will remember always.

The seminar reminded me of many goal setting, team bonding, and communication workshops I've done with my college and professional teams before. Only this time it was much more inspiring. Perhaps it had to do with the fact that it was being run by a real athlete who I admire. It wasn't just a person or small group of "professionals" who went and got certified to teach people about this stuff, but by someone who has and still does live it and breath it. Greg Amundson is a person who has consistently pushed his physical limits by exercising and mastering the mental game of positive inner dialogue and goal setting. He gave a fresh and enthusiastic perspective on these topics and at the end of the night 60+ lucky people walked away inspired and ready to conquer their goals.

Having said that, here are a few of my new goals as an athlete:
1 Month: Squat 300lbs/136kg

6 Months: Snatch 185lbs/84kg, C&J 220lbs/100kg, qualify for Americans, compete as a 63 which requires losing an additional 6lbs/3kg of body weight.

1 Year: This is a tough one because I really don't have a solid grasp or concept of what I am capable of. I am consistently surprising myself. For example, if you had asked me a little over a year ago (when I first trained with Coach Burgener for a CrossFit video and my PR was 118lbs/54kg) what my goal would be- I would have NEVER thought 175lb Snatch would be possible EVER let alone in 1 year. I would have under shot by a long shot. Probably said 135lbs. Now all of the sudden here I am just short of 180lbs (barely missed it recently). So what I envision in 1 year is Snatching 200lbs/90kg, C&J 240lbs/110kg and becoming a nationally competitive Olympic lifter.

7 Day: Get a full 7 hours of sleep each night, foam roll and ice everyday, focusing on recovery during a heavy squat week in which I'll be squatting my previous 1RM of 275lbs/125kg. Drink at least 65oz of water everyday. Only drink coffee before 2PM. Keep my diet clean and free of sugar.


  1. What I have always admired about you is your mental clarity, and mental clarity makes everything in life possible. You have a bright future!

  2. Thanks Bill! That's quite a compliment. It (the mental game) sure does take a lot of practice and it doesn't mean I never fall off the wagon. Lucky for me I have the pleasure of being surrounded by so many great athletes and coaches who help me hop right back on it.

  3. Great goals! I look forward to seeing you hit everyone of them. :)