Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Coaching Day

Today was a fairly light day. Not that it was necessarily supposed to be- I was supposed to start at 50% of my max Snatch and move up 5% each rep until I couldn't go up anymore. But I was kind of beat. I didn't get a whole lot of sleep and Tuesdays are my really busy day.

It's pretty amazing how much energy coaching can take out of you. That's not meant to be a complaint at all. I love coaching and would sure rather be teaching stuff I love to people who are eager to learn it than be sitting in a cubicle somewhere zoning out on a computer. But man, it's tiring. On Tuesdays I teach 5 hours straight in the morning. Then I squeak in my workout, followed by another 2-4 hours of coaching pitching. It's both rewarding and draining and worth being in my field.

Are there any coaches out there who agree when I say that every hour of coaching (assuming you are alert, attentive and, well, good) is equal to about 3 hours of office work?

I never failed but called it good at 153lbs because my shoulder was feeling a little aggravated.

Snatch Balance

GHD Sit Up

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