Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Little Victories

Joc 3 Pos Cleans from Jocelyn Forest on Vimeo.

Today, for the first time in a long time, I was very happy about a small achievement. Lately I have been very unsatisfied with any PR's. For example, when I C&J'd 98 kilos (216lbs) at the Cal Strength Open, I wasn't very excited. I felt more relieved and yet still frustrated because in my mind I should have been lifting that weight long ago. And when I snatch balanced 203lbs (92kg) I couldn't help but be bummed that I still haven't gotten an 187lb (85kg) Snatch.

Say what you will, but that's just kind of been my attitude towards my own performance lately.

But not today.

Today I had to do 3 Position Cleans (floor, above knee, mid thigh) with 163lbs for 3 sets of 3 (this coming after 2 sets of 3 at 153lbs). When I looked at today's program I thought "there's just no way." I mean, how was I supposed to keep my grip with that kind of weight? I didn't think I'd be able to hang clean it once let alone 3 times. And yet here I was being asked to do 3 sets of 3 at 163lbs (74kg). That was my attitude and on my first set, guess what happened? ...I failed.

But then I sat for a moment and decided to adjust my attitude. I sat there thinking about the weight and decided I was just going to do it. That's right. It was a conscious decision. I said to myself, "suck it up and get under that bar dammit." I reached inside and mustered up the commitment. And guess what... I did it! Yay me. Yay for little victories.

Until next Wednesday... 2 pos cleans at 173lbs.

Muscle Snatch
63lbs x5 (29kg)
73lbs x4 (33kg)
78lbs x3x3 (35kg)

3 Pos Clean
153lbs x3x2 (70kg)
163lbs x3x3 (74kg)

Snatch Deadlift
180lbs x7x2 (81kg)
180lbs x5x3 (81kg)

Good Mornings
3x8 113lbs (51kg)

GHD Sit Up 1x50

KB Side Bends 1x20 ea side (53lbs)

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