Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Pre Arnolds Week 2

Today is Day 2 of week 2 in my "Pre-Arnolds" training cycle. Arnolds is one of the biggest Olympic weightlifting meets of the year (besides Nationals and Americans) held in Columbus Ohio in March, along with a ton of other crazy athletic stuff (like body building and figure, bikini and even CrossFit). I'm hoping to show up for the meet at my strongest yet and have no doubt that if I put in the work my program and coaching will deliver:)

Snatch Balance
133lbs x3x2
143lbs x3
153lbs x3x2

138lbs x5x5

Clean Pulls
203lbs x5x5 -ouch!

158lbs x6
173lbs x5
183lbs x5
193lbs x3x3

So far in this new cycle I've done a million pulls and Deadlifts (Sn or Cln). I pretty much cln or sn pull and cln or sn deadlift every Monday Wednesday and Thursday and heavy (well I think it's heavy) for tons of reps. It's the worst. Interestingly enough I feel like my back is already feeling stronger which is great for good postural position off the floor- but I also feel stronger with core stability in my squats. So I guess even though I loath those pulls they're probably very good for me.

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