Monday, January 31, 2011


When I mentioned to Kyle that today's workout required the use of so many different apparatuses he pointed out to me that I should say apparati. And although I do agree that it sounds way cooler my spell check says otherwise.

Catalyst days are always great training days and as my weeks start to get heavier post back-off (last week was a light one) it's nice to be in a serious weightlifting environment (ie: Aimee C&J 105 for doubles on the platform next to me. Dam!)

Blog Jerks
89kg (196lbs) x2 x5

Snatch from blocks
60kg (132lbs) x3 x2
60kg (132lbs) x2 x3

Clean Pull off riser
79kg (173lbs) x5 x5

110kg (242lbs) x3 x5