Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sunny Wednesday

The sun is shining bright again in Santa Cruz! It's beautiful out and riding along the levy to and from work (my gym) on my Cruiser is once again part of the regular regimen. Mornings consist of Coffee and reading the Good Times with Max (my dog) outside of Java Junction in Seabright beach where we live. Then we head over to Linda's Sea Breaze Cafe' to have breakfast with Kyle (my husband) followed by a bike ride to the box and then some heavy lifting. Life is good.

Muscle Snatch
68lbs x3
73lbs x3 x3
78lbs x3

123lbs x3
133lbs x3
143lbs x3
153lbs x3 x2
163lbs x2 x3

Clean Deadlift
233lbs x4 x5

208lbs x4 x5

GHD Sit Up

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