Sunday, March 13, 2011

Burgener Cert

Burgener Cert Lunchtime Training from Jocelyn Forest on Vimeo.

This weekend we hosted Coach Burgener and family at our gym for his very popular and in depth CrossFit Oly Certification. It was a blast! With Coach B, Casey and Sage Burgener, and Erin Okinek on the cert staff attendee's spent the weekend sponging up the breadth of knowledge they had to offer.

Greg, Aimee and the Catalyst Crew joined us a lunch for an exciting training session. It was super fun to lift in such a great environment with talented lifters and good energy. Check out the video above.

Thanks Coach B, Casey, Sage, Erin and Greg, Aimee and the whole Catalyst crew for coming out to lift in LBS with us!


  1. Damn, I should've brought my food back to the gym that day and ate it there. I missed out on a good show.

  2. Dude that video is so inspiring! Makes me want to get in the gym and throw some weight around!