Friday, June 3, 2011


3 Pos Snatch- Joc from Santa Cruz Strength on Vimeo.

After squatting everyday (never less than 80%) as well as going heavy in the classic lifts everyday (again, never less than 80% usually for doubles or triples) for the last 4 weeks, I'm actually stoked to be back on a cycle that breaks down the lifts into its technical parts. I think I do well on these types of cycles.

Interestingly there are some people out there who scoff at and make jokes about lifters spending time on perfecting technique in the lifts rather than just trying to throw up as much weight as possible on a regular basis. And a few of those people happen to have natural talent/strength and do OK- but for the most part , at least in the little time I've spent in this sport, those are the same people who fail the same way every day never getting any better. Quite frankly watching them lift is painful- or painfully embarrassing.

Conversely, the people I've seen come through the new gym I workout in (on non Catalyst days) Santa Cruz Strength, who have spent the last 6 weeks dedicating themselves to improving their skills and thus have become beautifully proficient in the lifts. Most of these people are not complete rookies to the sport either; these are people who have done the lifts for years in some capacity at other gyms with no attention payed (or rather they were not receiving quality coaching in the matter) to technique. Yet after spending a cycle focused on precision, the weight is flying up effortlessly and the movement looks as beautiful as it should.

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  1. Looking good, girl! Keep up the good work!