Thursday, September 8, 2011

Been a While

<-It was close but I think it counts as a power snatch:)

I haven't updated this blog for like 15 years. Mostly because I'm too busy with my new gym Santa Cruz Strength and Softball journal Fast Pitch Plus but also because I'm a little lazy. I'm going to try and bring it back a few days a week.

I feel like I've still got some beginner adaptation to roll with but even so, my gains are slowing. At least it feels like it. When you don't PR on something every single weekend like in the beginning it starts to feel slow. But as I start thinking about my numbers I realize it's not as slow as I thought. And even though I'm not making huge gains in some of my lifts, I am starting to get very consistent. For example, even though my best Snatch has only been 82kg/180lbs for a while now, I used to get really nervous whenever there was 158lbs on the bar or more. Now, I can pretty much snatch 175lbs with my eyes closed most days. The same idea goes for all my other lifts.

Although I did PR my Jerk yesterday at 110.5kg/243lbs. Woot woot!

Ok, here's some recent numbers:

B.Squat 319lbs
F.Squat 268lbs (old number, gonna re-max soon)
OH Squat 203lbs
Snatch 180lbs
C&J 223lbs
Jerk 243lbs

And that's everything in a nutshell. Here's a training day from last Thursday:

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