Thursday, December 13, 2012

Go on and kick that leg out there to the side.


Most days I train twice- except Saturday max day.  Today was a pretty fun double day.  I did some power clean triples (to 87kg) and push press 5's in the AM session.  I was feeling decently strong and rested though it looked like I had been watching too many of my favorite Diamond Dave videos (see below).  When I go heavy in power cleans I get a little crazy and start kicking my feet out to wide and lean into the bar when I receive it instead of driving my elbows up and sitting my hips down.  In any case I worked down in weight for a number of back offs to attempt to get some pretty reps in too.

Some coaches have their athletes go HEAVY all the time.  Some like to keep it light and work hundreds of perfect reps.  Kyle and I have ended up somewhere in the middle after some time.  Part of the reason things go wrong for me as the weight gets heavy is that the panic button goes off as soon as the weight leaves the floor.  It's like, "ah, heavy!" followed by a spazzy move that slightly resembles a snatch or clean.  It's not that I don't know how to do it right, it's just the fear of the heavy weight that causes this.  At lighter weights I can complete the lifts soundly pretty much all day long but really it's because there is no fear.  When I have the chance to handle heavier weights more often I start to realize that "it's there" (high enough and in the right spot) and I can start to regain composure and work towards better technique with that heavier weight- if that makes any sense.  So we sort of walk the line between weight that is heavy enough to have to fight for but light enough to be able to make adjustments to.  After going heavy we take the weight back down to be sure to get multiple "perfect reps" in.


My evening workout at the gym was fun and the gym was full of good energy.  After hitting a 121 squat for 5 I realized I may have undershot it (I didn't realize I would have felt that good) so I took it up and hit 124 for another set of 5.  My goal is 130 x5 so I'm feeling like that's right around the corner.  After talking to our friend who trained in the East German Block for 15 years (see Weekend Recap) we've decided to experiment with using knee wraps.  I've maybe used them 5x in the past on days where I didn't feel great and just wanted to get that one last lift- just to feel it and gain confidence.  The protocol now is specifically to wrap them lightly (light enough to be able to leave them on during the workout, walk around, bend my knees, etc.) to get the feel of them and maybe benefit from some added suport.

This is another topic that gets a lot of panties up in bunches.  The thing is that I don't have a whole lot of black and white views on things when it comes to this sport.  I'm still a novice, really, when it comes to weightlifting as a sport (I've used the lifts in my sports training and coaching for over 10 years but never exclusively a weightlifter until 2 years ago).  I'm definitely not an expert and I don't know everything.  So I'm open and willing to learn from anyone who knows a ton more than me and has years of experience.  I also think that it's important to try things for yourself to be able to know what you're talking about if you ever DO end up having a strong black or white opinion on something.  And hey, if it does end up putting 10kg on my lifts- even better.  If not, well then 10 years from now I can say for certain how I feel about them.  Time will tell if I will keep using them or decide to ditch em.

My PM workout was rounded out with some snatch pulls for 5's and some fun smack talking with various people.  Oh, did I mention Kat?  She's the strong as shit newbie who used to be a power lifter (hasn't trained that way for years though so is really starting over) and is now transitioning to weightlifting.  This chick is already on my tail (she back squatted 105kg/230lbs x5 tonight easily for example and like literally just started weightlifting).  I better giddy up or she's gonna fairy on right past me.

Diamond Dave:

Today's Training

Kat's B.Squats

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