Thursday, December 27, 2012

Slumps Are Temporary

I've written about this topic in various capacities whether on the gym blog, older personal blog posts, etc.  The past week has been tough with the Holidays and the inevitable high sugar consumption for three days straight.  Not to mention I'm in the fourth week of heavy squats and pulls for 5 sets of 5 multiple days per week.  I'm not feeling the most confident or triumphant as I have at other times and I'll quote my friend Tyler on this- "My CNS hurts."

It's crazy how much sugar can really F you up!  I eat a squeaky clean Paleo Diet like 99.9% of the time.  I have eliminated alcohol completely (haven't really drank for 6+months).  I've been killing it in the gym for the most part and suddenly Christmas rolls around.  Maybe it's a poor excuse but I gave myself permission to be a relatively regular person for a few days as I hung with my family and friends.  I earned it after all.   This included not more than 2 glasses of champagne per day (Sun-Tues) and definitely included large quantities of See's candy, chocolate cake, and cheese fondu served on cubes of sour dough bread.  And man was it DELICIOUS!  It actually reminded me why normal people find it so hard to go on the straight and narrow with their diet.  Because I've gotten so accustomed to eating clean and in measured proportions I forgot how delicious the food from an average American's diet is.

So now here we are in the fourth week of this gnarly training cycle.  It feels like my equilibrium is off.  I feel unbalanced and uncoordinated in the technical lifts.  I'm missing lifts in my warm up weight range and my joints ache.  I'm certain that the bad diet plays a huge roll in this.  But there is also the fact that I'm squatting and pulling HEAVY.

The cool thing is that my squats have gone up every session.  I started my first week of B.Squat 5's at 123kg and finished this week with 130kg x4.  I actually hit 130x3 then had a technical error dropping my chest at the bottom causing a miss.  So I went back in and got 4 the next set.  I'm certain if I hadn't gone and screwed up technically the first time I'd have made it.

Though I don't feel crisp and am far from feeling on top of the world I keep telling myself that this feeling is temporary.  I've been here before.  You can't feel awesome all the time when you are training hard (especially when you throw a few days of nasty eating in there).  Sometime you just have to come in and grind through a few tough workouts- even though your joints and muscles ache and you might not be lifting the weights you were lifting last week- suck it up, do what you can and trust that when the volume decreases/ intensity increases in the next phase of your cycle it will all come together.

Also, on a side note I got Bio Tech HRV for Christmas.  It's a gadget that measures your heart rate variability and essentially your recovery.  So you know how recovered you are and what you can realistically expect from yourself on a given day.  It takes a couple weeks to get in tune with your body so I'm just accumulating data for now but I will write about how it works out later.

Hope you all had a great Christmas, Hanukkah,  or whatever else!

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