Thursday, January 17, 2013

Best Training Day Ever

Today was a great day- I think it was the weather.  It's been FREEZING here in Santa Cruz and I'm a baby when it comes to cold weather.  Some days I get through my whole workout never feeling like I ever got warm.  Today it was 70 degrees and I was feeling good.

AM workout I did my squat triple plus back offs and hit 137kg.  Was so stoked.  Followed by my Snatch pull 4's which I did at 105kg.

Evening I made up Snatches from yesterday (which conversely was not a good day).  They were so bad yesterday I asked Kyle if I could re-do them tonight along with my usual PM workout.  So I snatched 75kg every 2 min.  Then Power Cleans- hit 90kg for a double.  Yay!  Was happy about that because I am not very good at power cleans.  However, because I have this problem of crashing down into the bottom of my cleans, losing tension, and thus getting buried under the weight we have made them a regular part of my training to work on precision of receiving the bar and tightening up as I catch it (not to mention my slow elbows).  It's starting to come around...finally.

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