Monday, January 14, 2013

HRV and Yay For PR's!

It's been almost 3 weeks since I started using BioForce HRV and I'm pretty happy with it so far... I think.  The purpose of HRV is ultimately to measure your recovery and to be able to manipulate your training load and intensity accordingly.  HRV measures your heart rate variability and gives you a score (usually somewhere between 50-100 depending on what type of athlete you are) and a color (green, amber, red) to let you know what state of recovery your body is in.  The interesting thing is that my HRV is incredibly high.  While most weightlifters will be in the 70's or so mine has consistently been in the high 90's and low 100's- that of an elite level endurance athlete.  I have been baffled by this as obviously I hate running, I don't do running or cardio, and I am in fact a weightlifter.  Furthermore, I have had mostly greens, only a handfull of ambers, which also baffles me as I train really hard all the time to the point where I feel like I can hardly walk.  I'm not sure yet if this is actually because I'm not doing enough or because I am simply recovering well (I'm leaning towards the latter as I get amber about once per week and I know that I am recovering well due to a super clean diet, absolutely no alcohol, and I am actually sleeping well for the first time in my life).   Having said that you are supposed to collect data for a while to start to understand how it applies to you and your training and recovery.  

Measuring my HRV has become a little game for me where I breath and hope my heart rate is low and my score is good. For some reason, maybe because I'm competitive, I always hope for the low 100's.  I don't know why but I've taken pride in the fact that my score is so high and wonder how my heart rate variability is that of an endurance athlete- elite none the less.  Most days I'm happy that when I get green and a high score that I can mentally approach the days training hard because even though I may feel beat up, my HRV is telling me that I'm ready to push it anyway. 

Today I got an amber.  My score was 88.  So I went in for my morning squats and pulls with this in mind.  I only got 130kg for 3 in the B.Squat and 130kg for 4 in my pulls which is significantly lower than my best just a week ago (137x3/ 135x5 respectively).  Mentally I could accept this because I knew it was expected- no need for my occasional flip out which usually requires a walk around the block before I come back to the platform to finish my training.

I thought to myself, "ok, I have 6 more hours of coaching to do today, then I have my snatches and jerks so I will probably not be putting up any big numbers today and that's ok."  Much to my surprise I got a quick burst of a second wind and PR'd my Power Snatch at 70kg (best for 1) and did it for a double!  Yay me!

Oh, unfortunately that second wind was short lived because I was burned for the jerks.  Only got 100 for a double (compared to 107 for a triple last week). Guess you take the good with the bad.  

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